Serenity RH

Breakfast – 7:30am – 9:00am        Lunch 11:30am – 1:00pm            Dinner 5:00pm – 6:30pm
You may request 2 snacks throughout the day. If you have any food allergies please inform the house administrator. Meals are prepared daily for all guests as per the weekly menu and are only available during the times noted above. You may request to have your meal set aside for a later time if you are not ready to eat during the noted times.

Please note this is not a medical facility, it is a recovery home. We are here to help you through your recovery as best as we can. We will ensure you have a safe and clean facility, as well as an attentive staff. Establishing a good relationship with the staff and open communication is key to helping you through your recovery. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we look forward to helping you through your recovery process.



meals menu

  • Respect your room mates’ personal space and personal belongings.
  • Respect the staff at all times. They are here to help you as best they can.
  • You may only have 2 visitors at one time between 9am-8pm. Visitors must stay in the common areas.
  • You are required to take medications as prescribed by your surgeon. It is for your own safety.
  • You are required to follow your post-op care instructions as provided by your surgeon.
  • Each person will have a medical chart and personal care chart. Only sign the chart if service is being providing as noted in the chart.
  • Meal times are as noted below. The kitchen closes at 7pm. Snacks will be available after 7pm.
  • You are required to notify the staff if you are not feeling well.
  • Transportation to/from doctor visits is included with your reservation. (ONLY DOCTOR VISITS) Transportation for leisure trips is not included; please discuss fares for trips with your driver.
  • Be sure to turn off your AC and TV when leaving your room.
  • Be sure to lock your room when leaving the property. Use the safes or have the house admin hold your money and/or valuables.
  • Smoking, profanity and playing of loud music are not allowed

Payment is due upon check-in. When paying in cash be sure to request a receipt.