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Why stay at Serenity versus a hotel?

We take care of all your needs such as airport pick up & drop off, taking you for pre-op testing, picking you up after surgery, filling your prescription and taking you for tests or treatments if needed. All at a much lower rate than a hotel.

One night at a decent hotel runs about $75-90 plus taxes and fees, $100-130 just for a bed. Internet is an additional $12 per night plus tax. Food is an additional $30-$40 per day, plus tax, if you do not order room service. A nurse runs about $35-40 for just 8 hours. Don't forget the costs of transportation $20 per day, back and forth. All that money and no guidance during our trip.

At Serenity we are proud to offer post op recovery care with over 5 year of experience. Upscale, we cater to individuals who travel to Dominican Republic for selective surgery. We offer 24 hour nursing care, onsite doctor, a cook staff and cleaning staff.

Our clients will enjoy a room with a private bath, a flat screen TV w/ cable, English channels, wireless internet, air conditioning & hot running water.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks are provided daily. Your reservation also includes an assistant to run personal errands at no additional charge.

Our staff will ensure the needs of each patient are being met. Cleaned sheets and fresh towels will be provided on a daily basis. Soiled garments will also be washed at no additional charge.

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Our house is conveniently located within 10 minutes of CIPLA & CECIP, in a tourist friendly area. We're not affiliated with any other Serenity Recovery Home from other countries.